Azienda Agricola Benito Ferrara ® di Gabriella Ferrara e Sergio Ambrosino

Frazione San Paolo, 14 - 83010 Tufo (AV) Tel/Fax +39(0)825998194  e-mail

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The Company was built in the late '70ies by Benito Ferrara, father of Gabriella Ferrara, who, nowadays is the company boss, together  with her husband Sergio Ambrosino.

The days flow slowly here in Tufo while Gabriella and her family just take care of the vineyard and wait until it's the right time to collect the grapes and turn them into the well known wine called Greco di Tufo.

Every year, from the first to the third week of October the Ferrara Family dream comes true in doing such a nice wine, whose quality is well known to people all around the world.

Here it's a list of our importers in U.S.A. and United Kingdom

If you like to take a look at how we collect the precious grapes every year in October,  you can click on the link below:
Grapes Harvest

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